zip file manipulation

It’s quite tedious to deal with zip files on command line if you don’t want to unzip and zip the same archive file again and again.

list a zip file:

$ unzip -l ./zipfile | less

unzip a specific file from an archive:

$ unzip -p ./zipfile internal/path/to/a/file.txt >file.txt

update a specific file in an archive:

$ zip path/to/ internal/path/to/a/file.txt

They should work ok.



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A Sudden Death

Gary Moore died aged only 58.

I’d known the name listening his popular song “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers”.

I also loved his song “Parisienne Walkways”.

Korea’s legendary guitarist Kim Tae-Won loves to play this song. ( Youtube Video Here )


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Exhibiting 20’s life

Group ‘Exhibition’ got a chance to have major debut from “MBC College Students Music Contest”. This contest have been a starting point of major debut of many singers and bands.

Slow tempo ballad with jazzy style song ‘In My Dream’, the song made them finalist in the contest.

Most of their songs are contemporary, easy listening ballad with some styles like classical and jazz.

Their songs were big hit amongĀ  20’s.

After having military service, this duo group recorded their last album ‘Graduation’.

Kim Dong Ryul who wrote most of their songs chose to continue as musician.

This group’s studio albums are still available in stores.

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the featured voice

Jang Pillsoon is not a brilliant star in Korean music business. A few people interested in Korean independent music could find chance to listen to her voice. Or some may remember the female-sung title song of Korean TV Drama Series “Ireland”.

Her soft, deep and relaxing voice is special, unique among female vocalists. I can’t say her singing is technical. ( Her “featured voice” here )

She is a member of Hanamusic, a group of musicians led by Jo Dong-Ik. They play orthodox emo-folk. The songs are not as tasty as “Don’t look back in anger”(of the famous band) but like “With or Without you” (of the Irish) fills your body slowly as you play it again and again.

Her studio albums are available in most record shops in Korea.

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Minority in Life, Majority in Shops

Strictly translated it could be “Moonlight Fairy’s Grand Slam in a Losing Game”( Wikipedia ).

This one-man-band, had written dozen of songs about his life, love and sociopolitical problems as one of the minority with literary-styled – but still poetic – lyrics.

Most of his fans like his synical, negative poems and catchy melodies.

To categorize his musical style, it could be Folk ( not for traditional melodies, his melodies are quite (in English way) modern, but for importance of lyrics ).

Until his sudden death in 6 Nov 2010, he had been in the minority still and the death proves he’d been in poorly-cared situation.

Studio albums are available in major record shops in Korea.

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